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French director Frederic Rossif presents this historical documentary that coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Stock footage from both World Wars are included with 30 minutes of new scenes filmed especially for the project. The historical timeline is traced from the time Czar Nicholas II is crowned. The emergence of Lenin, his death in 1924, and the later contributions of Trotsky and Stalin give the viewer a sense of death, betrayal, and ideological devotion to the communist agenda. Rossif effectively uses scenes from the landmark 1929 film The Man With A Movie Camera by celebrated director Dziga Vertov. Rossif researched the film archives from several countries in his meticulous gathering of materials for this timely historical feature.


  • Octobre (October 1970 FLQ Crisis) (Quebec) (1994) 1080p MULTISUB (moviesbyrizzo).mkv (3.8 GB)


This is an tunes 1080p download of a dramatization style of movie
depicting the events surrounding the 1970 so-called "FLQ Crisis' in Quebec,
The French part of Canada, where a sovereignist movement was well
supported by many in the population, later when Premier Rene Levesque
held a referendum on independence from Canada it came out an even split
 - not enough of an idea of actual majority to break away as it were.

Came with English and Spanish MKV embedded selectable multisubs to which
we have added an option for Portuguese subs 128k AC3 stereo Dolby audio
(subs are not hardcoded - however english is default and can be switched of

Here is how the wiki encyclopedia describes the events of the time:

The October Crisis (French: Crise d'Octobre) refers to a chain of events that started in October 1970
when members of the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) kidnapped the provincial Labour Minister
Pierre Laporte and British diplomat James Cross from his Montreal residence. These events saw the
Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau invoking the War Measures Act for the first time in Canadian history
during peacetime.

The Premier of Quebec, Robert Bourassa, and the Mayor of Montreal, Jean Drapeau, supported Trudeau's
invocation of the War Measures Act, which limited civil liberties and granted the police far-reaching powers,
allowing them to arrest and detain 497 people. The Government of Quebec also requested military aid to
support the civil authorities, with Canadian Forces being deployed throughout Quebec

The FLQ were a terrorist minded group who didn't consider more legitimate means of
achieving their goals through the democratic process was in fact achievable instead
of an unnecessary resort to shows of violence including assassination. This could hardly
be seen as a valid way or any idea of an effective way to achieve such ends for this
region of great spirit on the entire continent at the time.

With current events unfolding as they are within the United States border areas,
it is certainly conceivable that an outbreak of civil war between the various factions
there involved in ANTIFA/BLM/Transgender advocacy and militancy seemingly
backed by key actors of the regime on a massive scale of malfeasance
to the extent of seeming like a banana republic as corrupt and evil as any
in all history of such peoples anywhere planet wide, as set against the
interests and desire of those seeking to remain committed to a life of normality
in sexual relations, family unit concepts and values related to including the
rejection of misogyny, reverse racism along with related sanity of ideals ideals.
It may well take the Russian army to put boots on the ground to ensure peace and
public order with support from forces from all around elsewhere in Europe
mainly too no doubt.

The conscience of what is French humanism clearly shows as in the case of one of the
Actors, clear empathy and care for life and justice and fairness and decency are depicted
clearly and quite accurately for the mindset I might add, in a plea that the Minister who is
lying wounded and in danger of losing his life, be rushed to hospital rather than being
allowed to die.

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Octobre (October 1970 FLQ Crisis) (Quebec) (1994) 1080p MULTISUB (moviesbyrizzo upl)

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