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This documentary from the well known Director of Israel's talent Mr. Amos Gitai who  also gave us
"Kadosh" - a brave look at aspects of Israel's  religious and philosophical underpinnings which
challenge the populace there and elsewhere to this very day

It includes an account and review of the assassination plot targeting Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
- a man of great virtue and spirit - in the same company as Prime Minister Shimon Perez and along
the way too Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who all have shown this great spirit which would play
second fiddle to NO ONE of their inferior minded detractors in such regards historically thinking
pointedly of the mass victimization around the second world war by a Neanderthal seeming onslaught
of brutality meant to replace humanity ultimately in what seemed the only conclusion one could draw by
all we saw and heard in regards to how such clear examples of barbaric injustices told the whole story.

These are men of conscience and we pray and hope that there will be an acquiescence
to whatever solutions we must bring to the mideast situation which I believe will involve settling the best
of our own folks of arabia in Lebanon free of terrorist minded groups from all the region, while allowing
Israel to live in peace in whatever amount of land space may be justified and acquired by peaceful
and just means in order to settle once and for all such nice people - family to me especially are such
men as I mention - always been at home altogether in such company - although
my heart strings are pulled around the blonde Irish spirited gals of Germany - and the brunette
gals only from the broader mideast areas of like minds - I'm happy to say nonetheless that Ive been so
much at home with such humanly spirits as such men here and I was once invited to join the clan
would you believe! (Yup a Jewish fella I met while a group leader at a United Nations
seminar I attended in high school thought I was so much someone who reminded him of others
he had known around the parts he hailed from too. Oh well Im Italian mainly ultimately - but nothing
has ever substituted for that complete feeling of belonging in the company of such men
as these as full family too - unlike any other - and no less seeming than my own idea
of actual Italian homeland cultured and completely connected roots.

By the way its time the mideast monopoly was ended so that the humanity of Lebanon can best survive instead
in comfort and LOVING care and the best nurturing possible of our spirit there where I grew up around these folks
similarly elsewhere where I found them on the planet as my first family connections - nothing must go to
Saudi or Kuwait's few sheiks when so much humanity of the best spirit was been so cruelly and with premeditated
calculated design in my own estimation carried out in some form of genocide of the spirit no less  as was barbarically
inflicted on so many in Iraq for no reason anyone of conscience could support I daresay till today. The words of Laura
Bush being no comfort as she jokes about her husband at the time as US President being a chain saw massacre
type in the situation - said only half in jest without a doubt seeming given the facts all told.

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