The Politician's wife (1995) (on itunes UK) (BBC) HD conv (moviesbyrizzo)

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The Politician's wife (1995) (on itunes UK) (BBC) HD conv (moviesbyrizzo)
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1348 X 764 H.264 video (special moviesbyrizzo HD conv version)
@3800k video bitrate 192k stereo Dolby AC3 audio

We checked at the time of this posting to see if a download version from itunes
was available too, only to find it on the UK portal (and even then only a small
600MB SD per episode version) while the US/Canada/Australia seem to see no reason
to let us consumers make up our own minds with better wisdom employed then quite obviously
given the merited nature of the material as genuinely interesting political drama
and look at personality dimensions of "vindictiveness" that are examined additionally
in all too many character types as we see on display at times on the planet fer crissakes
and then there's the issue of so-called marital rape - something one might choose to
assert in viewing a particular scene in this telling tale, posited in manner as to give rise
to discussion and argument as to intent, perception, ideas of merit one to the other and
then of course the reading of the law as it were.

A nice fella who was a member of the Italian community of Canada sitting in the
House of Parliament as a full MP went out with a female member of the NDP party (a fellow MP
no less) and even though their intimacy (sexual encounter) was deemed pleasant enough I suppose
and certainly consensual seeming at the time in what may have appeared to have been a nice enough
way to spend an evening  - hell she even supplied the condom on her own seeming accord - she later
complained that the Canadian Criminal code requires the woman to enounce the word "yes" to
a point blank question of consent privileges for the man in question, or he is in fact fallen
short of the law's idea of validity of consent despite what any human beings in command
of their own seeming faculties would regard otherwise instead.

Go figure!!

Time to turf em all out on the ear as it were that can make up their own inane seeming rules to apply
only when they feel the need to target someone not of their own mindset it would appear otherwise

Thanks for seeding

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo conv)

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The Politician's wife (1995) (on itunes UK) (BBC) HD conv (moviesbyrizzo)


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The Politician's wife (1995) (on itunes UK) (BBC) HD conv (moviesbyrizzo)

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