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Ukraine On Fire (2016) (Oliver Stone) 2160p AC3 (
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2160p H.264 video (8000k video bitrate 224k Stereo audio) - supplied by (for a better
perspective on the Ukraine situation and conflict and relevant recent history - explosive material needed to be widely disseminated
for the benefit of more humanist minded people than the conspiratorial actors being exposed as negatively involved
in what outcomes they desire - by Master Filmmaker Oliver Stone (midnight Express and Scarface ae among the ward winning
filmmakers most insightful movies/documentaries achievements)

Non english parts (Ukrainian/Russian display hard coded english captions by itunes
in comfortable screen position to use other language subs whenever as instead required)
SRT english subs optionally can be turned on throughout for hearing impaired requirements

This is essential viewing material for all in the "West" and the surrounding area to Ukraine - most especially Russia - even shows the threats
to the Russian peoples of violence by a coup established regime threating violence in such manner as to cause the return to Russia of Crimea
and the breakaway of Republics to the East etc in favour of security from Russia being the only alternative left to the mainly Russian speaking
populace especially concentrated in those regions and throughout the areas in Ukraine equally.

Graphic scenes of cruelty in street violence (setting security force members alight using molotov cocktails and attacking peaceful protesters
using inhumane seeming level of violent force) and organized clashes intended to sow discord and overthrow legitimately appointed
governments by nationalist back forces with Nazi links along the way to an extent few might have imagined - and such as have these
connections, given CIA protection we are told, by those state department connected "actors in the know" using documents that have
become available additionally.

Gives explosive arguments against war mongering against Russia who are clearly the victims in the affair whether
in Ukraine proper or next door Russia as even a very top frmr Senior Defence Department advisor to the Secretary of state
has declared just recently on skynewsaustralia (clip is posted at our sites to coincide with this upload for those
wanting the truth) Former Congresswoman from Hawaii Ms. Tulsi Gabbard thinks there's a sadistic and even insane
line-up of Senators targeting Russia (Biden most of all it now seems) with unreasonably belligerent ideations
and she is so concerned as to say "these men should have no control over nuclear weapons, clearly"

Thanks for seeding, don't miss out too on our version of "Putin - The new empire - we have specially synced/edited
for improvement subtitles for foreign parts included for you in the itunes MP4 d-l orig MKV video - switchable on and
off as required - full subs on the net soon).

Michael Rizzo Chessman

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Ukraine On Fire (2016) (Oliver Stone) 2160p AC3 ( (moviesbyrizzo upl)


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Ukraine On Fire (2016) (Oliver Stone) 2160p AC3 ( (moviesbyrizzo upl)

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